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World Mental Health Day Late Night Lock In

Join us at the Shard on World Mental Health Day for a Special Late Night Lock In to Fundraise for the Lucy Rayner Charity who are raising awareness and providing support for young adults with mental health challenges.

Jellyfish Offices at The Shard 
£25 Donation to the Lucy Rayner Foundation
Thursday 10th October
7:30pm – 10pm, Please arrive by 7pm

At MoreYoga we believe in a holistic approach to health and looking after your mind, your body and your spirit. Mental health is not something to hide, we need to tackle this taboo together and open up the discussion around the issues that affect so many lives. Jellyfish have kindly invited us to lead this event from their beautiful office overlooking breathtaking panoramic views of London. 

Liz Joy Oakley and our resident Psychologist  Dr. Stephanie Minchin will open this evening by sharing some personal & thoughtful insights into their own journeys & how yoga and meditation has been transformative in their lives. They will discuss how these can be powerful tools for personal healing, we will then move into a reflective Workshop focused on building mental resilience and learning techniques to better look after  your mental and emotional wellbeing. 

The second part of the evening will offer a Gentle Yoga Flow practice into a guided Yoga Nidra Meditation accompanied by a beautiful & moving live performance from our special guest, musician Michael Sebastian. You will be mindfully guided through poses (asana), & breath-work (pranayama) infused with Mindfulness techniques to help completely relax the body, quiet the mind and nurture the spirit. This style of Yoga is suitable for all levels from advanced to complete beginner.


About Liz

Liz Joy Oakley is Head of Vibes at MoreYoga, co-running our MoreMind Project with Stephanie Minchin & coordinating events and workshops around Holistic Wellbeing. After starting her career in the fast-paced world of luxury fashion Liz came to Yoga after being diagnosed with Malignant Hypertension and Generalised Anxiety and left the Fashion Industry with the goal of helping others to lead healthier lives holistically.

Liz spent a year volunteering at the Safe Childhoods Foundation, an NGO committed to combatting crimes against children whilst she describes as a time of total transformation. Here she began to understand the true benefits of Yoga as a therapeutic tool. She completed her YTT (200 hours) in Bali in 2014 and has been teaching around the world since. 

Now back in London, Liz is passionate about helping people achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle through Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation. She loves bringing people together, encouraging authentic connection and is happiest when facilitating retreats, workshops and events based around Yoga, Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.

Liz teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative Yoga, specialising in teaching Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation to improve stress & anxiety. She recently completed her training as a Wellbeing Coach & is dedicated to spreading Joy through her work.

About Steph

Steph first fell in love with yoga when she moved to London in 2010, and then deepened her practice and spiritual connection in an ashram in Kerala, India. After completing YTT (200 hrs) in 2014, yoga became an integral part of Steph’s life, finding grounding and growth in personal practice with life lessons beyond the yoga mat.

Through her training in Yoga Therapy, Steph now unites her professions and passions of yoga teaching and clinical psychology into her yoga classes. This opens an invitation for yoga to be more than making shapes on a mat, yet a deeper journey of understanding how we can improve our physical health and positively relate to both our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Steph integrates yogic philosophy into her teaching to encourage reflective self-study and self-inquiry through yoga practice, exploring the psychological and energetic landscapes of the self through yoga practice.

In her own experience of yoga, Steph has learnt how to be more present, with self-awareness, self-compassion and bodily acceptance. Steph advocates for the healing powers of yoga and believes that yoga is for everybody and every body, with a little piece of magic in yoga for all, inclusive of shape, size, ability or any other aspect of our individual uniqueness.

Steph teaches Flow, Vinyasa, Mandala, Yin, Restorative, and meditation and co-leads the MoreMind project with Liz Joy Oakley.

About Michael

Michael improvises dance music in real time. His music has the structure of modern electronic; the freedom of jazz, and the depth of world music. Using guitar, vocals, beatbox, and a synth, he layers ideas on the fly, creating a rich, vibrant sound. His affinity for groove and feel allows for conflicting styles to fluidly co-exist. Having played for yoga lock-ins at More Yoga, and regularly playing for contemporary dance, contact improvisation and ballet at various dance universities, Michael is adept at creating music for and responding to movement. After spending the first part of this year in Bali, playing for sound healings and ecstatic dance at the Yoga Barn and Paradiso Ubud, as well encouraging musical collaboration and improvisation, he has returned to London to continue to explore the connection between music, movement and mindfulness.

About the Lucy Rayner Foundation

On the 5th May 2012, Jenny Rayner and her family were tragically faced with the impact of mental illness, when their daughter Lucy took her own life aged just 22. This life changing event inspired Jenny and her family to begin campaigning about the mental health challenges faced by young adults, and they quickly found that the support and help available to recognise and treat young adults with mental health challenges is woefully inadequate and significantly underfunded. 

Currently the Foundation:

– Offers a number of different support services for people with mental health challenges (link)
– Are actively involved in a number of projects to help raise awareness (link)
– Runs a series of successful fundraising events to support their efforts (link)

Whilst recognising that mental health challenges and the associated stigma are huge issues which takes no account of age, race or personal situation, the plight of young adults is Jenny’s key driver. She understands, as do many of the major organisations involved, that if as a nation we correctly recognise and diagnose these issues in early adulthood, then we can help support and empower individuals to get the help which they so desperately need.

In recognition of the work she has done, Jenny Rayner was awarded the British Citizens Award for Service to the Community in 2016, and was a Regional Finalist in the Pride of Britain Awards, also in 2016.