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Welcome to MoreMind

Liz Joy Oakley and our resident yoga psychologist  Dr. Stephanie Minchin will be evolving this dedicated space for our tribe to access information, help and support to keep your mind healthy. Mental health is not something to hide – we need to tackle the taboo and open up the discussions around issues that affect sooooo many people.

MoreMind 5 Layers of Holistic Wellbeing

The Physical Body

Yoga/Asana Practice 

The Vital Body

Energy & Mind/Body Connection

The Intellectual Mind

Thoughts, Feelings and Mental Wellbeing

The Personality

Wisdom, Education & Awareness

The Heart Centre

Bliss, the ultimate state of being – the destination: Freedom!

What’s On


Participate in our events and happenings designed to help you create holistic approach to your physical and mental wellbeing.


Read articles to gain insight and support around issues surrounding mental health.


Join us online and share your experiences, read others journeys – together we can #tacklethetaboo


Access our online resources and directory of where you can find support