We are starting to reopen our studios. Everything you need to know to practice with MoreYoga

OK, so by the time this article is published it could be raining cats and dogs. Such is life in England. But call us optimists – we can’t wait to feel our toes in the grass and the breeze in our hair! Here are the best places to catch an outdoor yoga session this summer (when it’s not tipping it down).

The MoreYogis have tried and tested these beautiful spots so you can sit back and take your pick!

Regent’s Park

For the more confident among us, the busy but beautiful Regent’s Park is the perfect place to stretch out and practise. With so much space around and regular free yoga sessions led by volunteers, you’re guaranteed to see some fellow yogis around. Plus, you’ve got plenty of cafes nearby for a treat in the sun afterwards!

Battersea Park

For those of us who live – gasp – south of the river, Battersea park offers a closer alternative to the central parks. Sprawling grounds, beautiful water features, and more importantly mini-golf make this park an idyllis setting for some summer yoga.

Hampstead Heath

What better way to enhance your practice than with the gorgeous vistas of Hampstead Heath? Lots of cute puppies will come and see you at most of these parks but Hampstead Heath seems to be extra canine filled. There are regular yoga sessions on this park run by various teachers, so keep an eye on the weather and grab your mat when it’s sunny!

Tibetan Peace Gardens

OK, so you might get some weird looks for slapping down your yoga mat here, but this tranquil spot is perfect for a moment’s meditation away from the busy city. Take a moment here to reflect and recharge and you’ll feel zen in no time!

Enjoy your outdoor practice this summer – just don’t forget the suncream!