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With over 1000+ classes in our library and classes livestreamed daily, joining online is a great way to
continue your practice through uncertain times or complement your in studio sessions.

3+ Classes per day

New Classes Daily

With livestreamed classes added daily, and over 3200 +classes already in our library. Our diverse timetable is streamed directly into your home, with classes also accessible for our members to use at their leisure. We’ve got a great mix of styles – bringing some of London’s best teachers to your home! Swap your commute for yoga and get a yoga routine.

Suitable for all levels

We’ve got something for newbies right through to yoga aficionados. We’ve go at diverse range of styles! With more time on our hands, people may find they have more time to practice. With this in mind, we’ll be releasing education content, masterclasses and courses to help people really build on their studio practice while they have to stay at home. This is the perfect time to try a new style, teacher or do more classes!

Stay Connected Online

We encourage our members to connect with our community online. Follow our social channels, engage and comment and let’s take this collective downtime to develop our practice, and grow as a yoga family. We’ll release education content, Q&As with teachers plus more. Be sure to let us know what you want! We are thrilled to see our yoga family growing and developing!


When you’re just starting out it’s hard to know where to start. We’d recommend the following classes for our newbies: Morning Flow, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow (Level 1),and Restorative & Meditation. Keep you eyes peeled for our Beginners Course, which drops next week and will be available to all online signs ups.

Want a challenge?

Yoga is great for getting your inner fire burning and sweating out toxins. Step up your practice with Power Yoga, Rocket or Yin & Meditation. Online is a great way to do a double class and make an eveningof your practice.

Prefer a fitness vibe?

If you’re wanting to combine your yoga practice with some of our fitness classes, check out our Pilates & Zen, Power Pilates, Dynamic Stretch, Dance Flow and FitFlo classes.

Looking for something more spiritual

Jivamukti is a playful vinyasa flow that will both challenge and inspire you. For those more spiritual yogis who love meditation, chanting and music. Our Prana Vinyasa classes focus on balancing the lunar and solar aspects of Hatha, combined with a vinyasa flow based on the breath.

Want to try something different?

Mandala Flow combines sets of yoga sequences will use all four points of the compass yet will begin and end with a luxurious yin pose to balance out the entire body, mind and soul. Expect to be challenged by the choreographic sequencing, to get upside down, and to have a lot of fun in the process! 

Dharma is based on the teachings of Sri Dharma Mittra a beloved and renowned yogi master, Dharma yoga is a strong, graceful and dynamic flow which explores balances, twists, gentle back bending and inversions finishing with a blissful relaxation and pranayama. 

Relax & Restore

This self isolation business can wreak havoc on our mental health. Look after your emotional wellbeing by slowing things down and turning inwards with a slower practice. Try Slow Flow, Restorative or Yin and Meditation.

Practice Not Perfection

Every one has to start somewhere. The important thing is to start. We see on a daily basis the way yoga transforms lives. Give yourself the gift of yoga and improve your health and quality of life.

Look after your mental health

By focusing on our health holistically, yoga encourages us to develop breathing and mindfulness practices that are key to reducing anxiety and stress. With release of the chemicals serotonin and dopamine, yoga can help improve mental health. 

Develop Your Practice

We are committed to helping people start and build a regular yoga practice. We break down some asanas to give you key takeaways on alignment and how the asanas work.

Listen To Your Body

Yoga supports all the systems of the body and is proven to improve overall physical health. A regular practice will help keep you fit and your immune system stronger. Build strength, stamina, flexibility and balance.

I’ve signed up online, how do I view classes?

You will find a link in your receipt notes. Each week we will email on Mondays at 6am with access details and playlists so you can join the livestreams or do classes whenever you want.

I don’t have a yoga mat, or any stuff!

We can help with that. Please visit our online shop and browse our range of mats and props so you can get your own home studio set up. Even when we go back to practicing in the studio, it’s nice to have started a home practice for when you can’t make class.