It’s the day after an extended Rocket class and your hamstrings are screaming for mercy. What can you do to ease the agony?!

There are plenty of conflicting ideas online as to what constitutes a good recovery process – while some recommend ice baths, others promote sauna time. We’ve compiled some of the most recommended tips to make your DOMS a little more bearable!

Rest, but stretch

If you’re aching badly after a work out, it’s likely that you over-did it. In this state, it’s not productive to go after the same gains you normally would. Stretch gently to restore movement to tired muscles, but take it easy. Your body needs time to recharge and repair.

Get a massage (or massage yourself)

So getting a massage after every workout might break the bank, but massaging yourself won’t cost you a penny! Massage stimulates blood flow to sore muscles, which promotes faster healing (plus it feels amazing on tight quads).

Get a foam roller

Linked to massage, a foam roller will help you to get a deeper release after a heavy workout. While foam rolling can be significantly less pleasurable than massage, the benefits are palpable.

Keep moving

As much as you might want to lie prone on the sofa wishing you still had functioning legs, movement is key in recovery periods. Moving will help your muscles to repair faster – just make sure you’re not going too hard. This is recovery time, after all!

Worst case scenario? Tiger balm, bed and a promise not to overdo it next time!