We are starting to reopen our studios. Everything you need to know to practice with MoreYoga

So here’s the situation – you have a Yin class booked at 7pm on a Friday but your hot colleague just invited you to work drinks. What do you do?

There are always occasions when the bad yogi in you will win. When as much as you really did organise your time to get to Vinyasa ten minutes early, you’re late because the last five minutes of the Good Wife were just too good to miss.

It’s time to embrace your inner bad yogi and own it. It’s a part of you after all, and the path to enlightenment means loving all parts of ourselves, right?

“Don’t go to class, drink a bottle of wine instead!”

Take a good look at this feeling and ask yourself a few questions before making a decision. First up – why do you want to drink? Are you thirsty? Are you stressed to the max? If so, there are other solutions to those problems and skipping class isn’t one of them. On the other hand, if you want to taste the sweet notes of a fabulous claret, go right on down and grab yourself your favourite brand. Wearing yoga pants while doing so will reduce feelings of guilt for not going to class.*

*No guarantee whatsoever.

“You’re already late! Just turn back now!”

No excuses. Get in there, strut your stuff through the rows of downward facing dogs, take your time settling in and join the flow as if you were born there.

“This adjustment is literally ridiculous.”

Even an incredible teacher can give an adjustment that just doesn’t feel right – it’s your body after all, and you know it best! If you’re not feeling good in an adjustment or you’re finding it way too awkward, say so. You could politely say “This isn’t working for me” or go for a full on Mean Girls “Can you not?”.

“Great class! Ooh… MacDonald’s!”

We’ve all been there. And the worst part? The serene feeling of having done something good by going to yoga almost justifies it! Before you reach for the fries, have some water and a piece of fruit. If you’re still craving the golden arches, dive in with no regrets.

Yoga is not just about smiling serenely and getting your alignment perfect. It’s getting to know yourself, what you want, and when you want it. So own your inner bad yogi and dump the guilt!