Everywhere we look there’s another headline about the terrible state of the world. What’s a budding optimist to do?


Yes, yes, we know that everyone and their dog is telling you to meditate, but it’s seriously good for you. Don’t have time? Take three deep breaths with your eyes closed. There you go. That counts as meditating.

Subscribe to good news feeds

It’s really difficult to stay positive when every time you look at your social media channels you see horrifying headlines and disturbing images. Don’t ignore what’s going on in the world, but make sure you balance out the bad with the good. 

Talk to positive people (and follow your heroes on social media)

If Sharon at work whinges all day long, don’t spend your lunch break with her. Make conscious decisions to hang out with people who lift you up instead of dragging you down. While you’re at it, unfollow all the Instagram profiles that you only kept so long because of the comment dramas. Instead, look up your heroes and find our what they think. A few of our favourites include Will Smith, Tony Robbins, and Matt Haig.

Write down what you’re grateful for and what you learned

If you have any hippy yoga pals, you have probably been nagged to do this already. Super simple, super effective. Writing down what you’re grateful for focuses your mind on the positive, and literally transforms your day (even if you don’t notice it right away). If you remember, write down what you learned at the end of the day too. Then even the crappiest days feel worth it!

Read books that inspire you

Along the same lines as unfollowing the Insta-nasties, filtering the information that you receive can change your mood. If you’re feeling down, pick up a book. It doesn’t matter what you read, but if you need a lift then choose something positive. If you can’t be bothered with fiction, learn something new from a book. Not in the mood for turning the page? Audiobooks are a great way to pass your commute (even when you’re squashed like a sardine on the Northern line at 9am).