Our studios are temporarily closed during this public health crisis. You can now practice with us online!

What if the world was filled with people
who wanted to do good?

Well, in our small way we want help make this happen. We want to mobilise our membership and connect you with your community with meaningful, focussed volunteering and fundraising initiatives that will make a difference.

The thinking behind our KARMA ARMY is simply to get our members to sign up and be assigned missions of kindness and goodness – spreading wisdom, care and love wherever you go!

Sound like something you’re equipped for? Got skills, knowledge or time to share?



Who’s coming with us? No Passports required! Our Charity of the Year, Choose Love are attempting something huge. While staying safe and isolated in our parks, gardens and living rooms, we’re coming together to travel the world – all to raise vital funds for refugees facing COVID-19 in dire conditions. Whether walking, biking, running, rolling or doing any other exercise (twenty mins workout = a mile!), between everyone involved they want to rack up 24,901 miles in 40 days between 23 May and 1 July. To take part, simply pledge your miles, set up a fundraiser, and keep track of your progress. That means a standard 1 hour Yoga Class = 3 Miles, 9 Classes over the month and you’ve done a Yoga Marathon! GET INVOLVED!


Masks for Extraordinary People is a collective of volunteers in South East London and beyond making fabulous funky free face masks for dedicated key workers whose jobs have become extraordinarily challenging. They started with enough unique printed Atom Designs fabric swatches in a huge range of different styles to make the first 1500 masks before needing to find different outer fabrics. Where ever possible, we’re seeking bright funky printed fabrics so as well as being a necessary safety precaution they add a bit of style, are less intimidating, fun even, and can help normalise the need to wear a protective face covering in public as well as lifting the spirits of those they meet.


COVID-19 has forced elderly and immunocompromised people into isolation, and put NHS workers on the frontlines. Dare to Care send NHS staff PPE and isolated people essential items primarily across London.

DARE TO CARE NEED DRIVERS to deliver food and care packages, especially on Friday and Saturday! If you know anyone willing to help, can you please ask them to sign up on our volunteer portal?



Connect with your community through meaningful volunteering and help make the world a kinder place.


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What type of activities would you be interested in doing?

Where are you based?

Have you ever done any volunteering before?