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Giving Back

Giving back is at the heart of our business. We are committed to working with organisations that are helping make the world a better place. By forming partnerships with charities and organisations it enables us to help raise awareness of their work, build a network of like-minded individuals and look at ways to bring yoga into the equation to help improve lives.

Our 2023 Charity of the Year


About Help Refugees

Help Refugees, with their powerful message to the world, CHOOSE LOVE, are the new charity partner for MoreYoga. They began as a group of friends wanting to do something to help  with the dire conditions that people were living in just across the channel in Calais. Fast forward 4 years and they have helped over a million people, they work in 12 countries.
They fund the amazing local groups doing phenomenal work and one of their main focuses is providing safe places for women. Life in camps can be incredibly hard with poor sanitation and often only a tent for shelter. We Are One is one of these brilliant safe spaces. They offer yoga, dance and breath-work to support women living in and around the camp there, helping to alleviate some of the trauma and bring some normality and joy into their lives. They also provide nutritious fruit, vegetables and nuts for pregnant and breast-feeding women in light of their extra nutritional needs


Ways we are helping Help Refugees

Yoga Courses

We are to initiate a programme of yoga courses with Our Mala and Help Refugees. We would love to help these refugees recovering from trauma improve their lives by improving the connection between their mind, body and spirit – enabling them to build yoga into their resilience infrastructure.


Fundraising Events

We will be running fundraising events throughout the year to raise money for programmes for Help Refugees. Stay tuned for details of events that you can get involved in.

Join our Karma Army

Ever considered volunteering? Now’s your chance. Help Refugees would welcome help for specific projects or tasks – and are also open to general volunteering enquiries. See details of the Karma Army mission below and if you’ve got skills or time to share, please get in touch or sign up!

We are dedicated to Giving Back.

We regularly run MoreCommunity classes, MoreYoga Lock Ins and MoreMusic events that raise money for charity.
To see what we've got coming up visit EVENTS.