Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question below, please contact us on 07519 142 627
Booking in for the first time?

All of our classes are pre paid and pre booked all online. Go to the timetables page, choose the sessions that you want and book. We’ll see you in the studio. If you cant make it please cancel your session so others can join from the waiting list. We currently have £10 for 10 days online for new clients.

How do I cancel my class?

Go to my account on the timetables page.
Click ‘My account’, then click “My schedule’ and cancel the sessions there.
We have a 9 hour cancellation window so please cancel before then otherwise you will lose your session.

What levels are the classes catered for?

On the timetables for each page and on the class descriptions are the levels for the sessions types. If you’re ever in a class that you feel its too difficult just take it back a little, never do anything that you feel that you’re not in control of. Please contact your instructor before the class to let them know if you’re not feeling confident.

Do you do hot yoga?

We don’t heat our studios, but if you’re there we’re sure it’ll be hot!

How do the waiting lists work?

We have active waiting lists that close 3 hours before a session starts, which means the system will automatically join you if someone drops out. Please check your emails and or the schedule to see if you’ve been added to the sessions. If you cant attend a class who’s waiting list you have joined please go onto the ‘my account’ section and remove yourself from the WL

How do we get to the studio?

Finsbury Park, opposite the Park Theatre, corner of Clifton Terrace and Morris Place, next to the NISA supermarket, take the Wells terrace exit from Finsbury Park Station.
Old Street- 202 City Road, brown door, next to the CostCutter
Exmouth Market- 62 Exmouth Market, entrance is literally through Hummus Bros in the basement.
Camden- 2 Bayham Street, NW1 0ES, 50 metres from Mornington Crescent Station, behind KoKos

What facilities are at the studio?

We provide two changing rooms, storage and bathrooms at each of our studios. Currently we do not offer showering facilities.

What should I bring?

We provide the mats, blocks, straps and bolsters, so all you need to bring is your sweet self and your yoga kit. Tight fitting but breathable fabrics that you can move around in are perfect.

Are your classes suitable if you’re pregnant?

As we don’t offer classes that are specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant students, we advise that you contact us before booking a class or find a specialist pre-natal class.

How long are the classes?

Sessions are generally 1 hr long but we do have a few 75 min sessions in the diary, please check the timetables pages for session duration.

I can't log into my account - an error message comes up

The error message that is coming up in the consumer cart is related to your cookie settings of your browser. You will need to adjust the settings to login. Use this link to quickly fix the issue.