Always wanted to try yoga but worried that you’re not flexible enough? Maybe you’ve heard about all of the amazing benefits but are concerned you might be the only guy in a sea of pink Lycra? Don’t worry, MoreYoga has your back! Throughout November, we will be running a series of ‘MoYoga’ classes to give the yoga-curious man an opportunity try yoga, without the fear of being the only one unable to touch your toes!

MoYoga 2018:
Karma Community Class
with Jamie Rylett

MoreYoga Bermondsey
Sunday 11th November


MoYoga 2018:
Karma Community Class
with Charles Balogh

MoreYoga Soho
Saturday 17th November


MoYoga 2018:
Karma Community Class
with David Curtis

MoreYoga Harringay
Saturday 24th November


Not all yoga is feminine and fluffy. It can be strong, sweaty, physical and hairy in places. Did you know that many pro-athletes including the England football team and the New Zealand All Blacks actually include yoga as part of their weekly fitness program? This is because yoga can help to build joint and muscle strength, increase mobility, enhance overall control, aid with sleep and recovery and even improve your sex life too! 

However, the benefits of yoga also go much deeper than the physical. It’s about creating balance between your body and mind. An opportunity to be present and better equipped to help cope with the stresses and demands that life throws at us. It’s not all about sitting cross-legged in a dimly lit room, breathing deeply and talking about feelings. We need to move past the stereotypes to be able to see what yoga really is; a complete workout for the mind, body and soul.

MoYoga classes will be by donation only (please bring cash on the day). We will be raising money for the Movember Foundation to help make a difference to men’s health – in prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Together we can be the difference and stop men dying too young.  

So come on guys, grab a mate (and a mat) and give MoYoga a go! You never know, you might even find your inner yogi!



Ways to get involved

This is a great opportunity to try yoga out. Attend one of our MoYoga Movember classes which are by donation only and all proceeds will go to the Movember Foundation (please bring cash on the day). Grab a mate and get on the mat!

Purchase any Pay-As-You-Go pass in November and we’ll donate £2 to the Movember Foundation


Best ‘Tache wins! We’ll award best MoYoga moustaches. Tag us #DoMoYoga #DoMoreYoga and we’ll enter you into the competition! Prizes for 1st (24 Class Pack), 2nd (12 Class Pack) and 3rd (8 Class Pack).


We would love to hear your Mo stories about how yoga has improved your mental and physical health. Share these on social media and help break down these barriers! Make sure you use the hashtag #DoMoYoga and tag MoreYoga in any posts.


Donate to our Movember JustGiving page! If every person on our mailing list donated £1 we could raise over £15k! Together we can be the difference and stop men dying too young.