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Our programme of Karma Community Classes has been created to welcome those who don’t necessarily ‘do’ yoga.
All of these classes are ‘Pay What You Can’ donation based classes with money going directly to the charity of the instructors choice.


Supporting charities close to our hearts #MoreCommunity


Yin To Yang

with Kathy Richardson & Live Music from Alex Paton

Date: Sunday 9th June
Time: 1-3pm
Studio: MoreYoga Caledonian Road

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against male suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. Our goal is a life less miserable for you, your friends, your family and for all men.

In memory of Damen and to support a charity doing incredible work to prolong precious lives I’ll be leading a Yin to Yang yoga workshop with live music from the super talented Alex Paton.

What to expect
In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describes how opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. We will begin with a Yin practice to apply stress (the good kind) to our connective tissue, aiding circulation, range of motion and flexibility. In time adding in the fire element to the practice, building up to a generous and creative flow, in and out of the floor, drawing from different movement vocabularies with lots of time to play and explore interesting transitions. Having become both lost and present in motion we’ll settle down for a deeply restorative Savasana and meditation. All of this accompanied by the beautiful live music from Alex. It’s going to be magical!

There is a suggested donation of £30 for the 2 hour session.
Once you have donated on Just Giving page HERE, please book your spot below.
(Please note: donations will go directly to CALM once workshop expenses have been paid for.)

Space generously donated by MoreYoga on Sunday 9th June 1-3pm in the Caledonian Road studio

BY DONATION – FREE TO BOOK – £30 suggested donation
RAISING MONEY FOR C.A.L.M – Campaign Against Living Miserably


Sattva Yoga Journey

with Orshi Domjan

Date: Saturday 29th June
Time: 3-5pm
Studio: MoreYoga Caledonian Road

Orshi invite’s you to a deeply spiritual and immersive yoga journey using dynamic meditation, pranayama, kriyas, mantras, free movement, partnerwork and the power of music to be able to move beyond the limitations of the mind, to let go of fears and inhibitions and deeply connect with our core self and each other as a group sharing pure love, soothing energy, smiles and laughter. This will be an intense and liberating experience, expect the unexpected!

We will be sharing our journey and sending our loving energy towards a specific humanitarian educational project and will be fundraising for the charity Let’s Build My School (LBMS) @letsbuildmyschool – Together for others

LBMS builds schools in remote areas of the world using recycling and low-cost building techniques, such as tyres and earth-bags, to communicate a way of building accessible to all. This allows the local community to learn a way of building that they can replicate to expand their village and helps unprivileged children access education.

LBMS team is currently building their second school project in Senegal, an elementary school of 6 classrooms in a remote village called Tivaouane Peulh. They still need to fundraise 10K to be able to terminate the work on time so the school can open for October.

All profits raised from our Sattva Yoga Journey will go to the school construction.

Suggested donation: £25

Please visit @letsbuildmyschool and donate via their Just Giving page, link in bio. Once you donated, it is free to book via MoreYoga – details are coming soon! 

Come along dive deep within, expand, explore, let go, share your love and light, have some fun and help the less fortunate to make their future brighter!

Love Yoga, Love Meditation, Love Helping Others

Orshi Domjan x MoreYoga for LBMS Together for Others

BY DONATION – FREE TO BOOK – £25 suggested donation
RAISING MONEY Let’s Build My School 


Let’s Talk: Yoga & Grief

with Alex Knowlden & Kimberley St John

Date: Sunday 9th June
Time: 2.30-5pm
Studio: MoreYoga Tower Bridge

A workshop to acknowledge the grief for what is gone and connect to the love that endures.

Loss is an inevitable part of the human experience. Throughout a human lifetime we will lose people that are close to us, through death, the ending of relationships or through shifting circumstances. 

Each loss we experience is rarely a straightforward process, and neither should it be. Through the chaos that can accompany change through loss, so much from our pasts can be stirred up and brought to the surface. Maybe there is a reopening of old wounds that had not been fully healed, maybe it feels like there is unfinished business or words that have been left unsaid relating to who or what has been lost. 

As we journey though our individual and unique experiences of loss and even through loss as a collective experience, it can feel like parts of ourselves and who or what we were before are also lost. Maybe these lost parts will one day be rediscovered, maybe for a time they just leave behind empty space, maybe transformation and regeneration into something new will one day be possible.

There is a difference between pain and suffering when it comes to grief. Pain, as de-habilitating as it can feel sometimes in grief, is an important and inevitable part of grief, yet suffering does not need to happen. In western culture, it can be observed that there is often a resistant, somewhat shaming and avoidant attitude towards grief, yet this is one of the very few things that we will all inevitably experience at some point.

This 2.5 hour workshop offers a space where we can come together in community to honour for ourselves and for others who or what has been forever changed and explore our grief through the practice of yoga, through journalling and through conversation.


Grief, like many things in life is a full body experience. Especially in the early stages of grief, there may not yet be words to help express and process how you are feeling and nor does there need to be. Yoga can offer a vital tool to help you to connect to your experience of grief through the body. Moving with and breathing with your grief, allowing it space and attention to be internally heard and felt. There will be one shorter and one longer gentle vinyasa flow yoga practice during the workshop.

The workshop offers the opportunity to dedicate your practice to who or what has been lost. Please feel free to bring an item, photo, letter, drawing etc, anything that is available or that you can create that represents who or what has been lost, to place by your mat.

ALL are invited. No experience necessary. Give your body a chance to take care of you. That might mean crying, laughing, breathing deeply, sitting in stillness, or moving in intuitive ways. Thereʼs no right way to grieve. Everything guided in this class will be a suggestion, an invitation for what you might focus on or how you might move. Ultimately, you know your body best.


Together weʼll hold space after yoga practice for individual reflection. There will be guiding questions for writing and drawing. In our practice of writing and drawing, our pens can act as extensions of our bodies helping us to process internally while releasing – and whether we find ourselves expressing what we have to let go of or what we hope to hold on to.


Weʼll have an open conversation, inviting people to share a part of their experience if they so choose. (Listening is participating, too.) Itʼs often illuminating to hear stories of othersʼ experiences – in them we might find resonance, difference and even patterns that acknowledge our humanness.


Alex is a creative thinker, courageous listener, yoga teacher and soon to be psychotherapist who loves to volunteer her time serving people and animals in need of kindness. “Where do we find safe places to grieve in western society? How does western culture treat grief? Is one’s grieving process hindered by western culture?” Inspired by these questions, Alex is training as a transpersonal psychotherapist. She sought help with her own grief through talk therapy, yet through her non-conventional training, which uses body work and other techniques, she started to realise the power of the body and the breath. Alex is a trauma informed practitioner who values the importance of creating an inclusive environment in her yoga classes.


BY DONATION – FREE TO BOOK – £25 suggested donation
Fundraising for Guys and St. Thomas Palliative Care Special Purpose Fund for Bereavement


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