More Yoga is supporting Mental Health Awareness Week with a total studio takeover from Monday 14th – Sunday 20th May. We know that yoga doesn’t stop when you step off the mat & we believe in supporting positive health holistically – Body, Mind & Spirit. Through honest conversations we want to help de-stigmatise mental health issues, raise money for dedicated charities through special events with karma at their core & cultivate awareness throughout our amazing community of yogis. Join in the discussion and help us promote positive physical and mental health this May during MHAW. Meet us on the mat!

Understanding Anxiety through Yoga
A Talk from Heather Mason, Founder of the Minded Institute

7.00 – 8.00pm | Monday 14th May | MoreYoga Camden | £5

Join More Yoga & Heather Mason, Founder of the Minded Institute for a talk, open discussion and Q&A about Anxiety and how Yoga can help. We will be raising money for Samaritans the Mental Health Charity who provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

Mindfulness & Beyond: An introductory workshop exploring mindfulness, transcendence and yoga
with Dr. Gemma Beckley, Psychologist, TM teacher and Director of The Meditation Trust

6.15 - 8.00pm | Wednesday 16th May | MoreYoga Greenwich Creekside | £5

An Interactive session (for beginners and experienced alike!) to broaden both understanding and experience of Mindfulness, which when combined with deep Meditation forms the ultimate stress-elimination programme. This combined programme, originally conceived as the Science of Yoga thousands of years ago, is now supported by extensive scientific research over the last 40 years.

This research is supported by millions of people around the world practicing the full programme who testify to its wide-ranging benefits, including: improved physical and mental health (e.g. reductions in anxiety, depression, heart disease, normalisation of blood pressure and weight), improved sleep, increased energy, creativity, productivity and clarity of thought.

Research has also indicated that regular practice of even just this first stage of mindfulness, introduced in this workshop, can start to result in some of these benefits.

In this preliminary session, a first step to the full programme, you will experience three different Mindfulness practices that can be used at home or at work.

And learn about:

  • The real meaning of ‘stress’ – what it is and how we reduce it to improve all aspects of life.
  • The 3 categories of Meditation, their processes and different effects on the Brain.
  • Mindfulness within its current clinical and popular contexts, but also its original context as a preparation for Transcendence in the first stage of Astanga Yoga.
  • Transcendence as the ultimate stage of Meditation and its effect on Personal and professional Life.
  • Living “200%” of Life – the long-term benefits of the full programme.

All proceeds to The Meditation Trust - a registered UK charity making the transformative healing power of Transcendence accessible and affordable for all. Transcendence is Yoga's ultimate foundation for success in all therapies for both mental and physical health -

LATE NIGHT LOCK IN, Episode 2 – Cultivating Compassion:
A Night of Yoga, Psychology & Karma

7pm – 9pm | Friday 18th May | MoreYoga Finsbury Park | £10

This special holistic workshop will integrate Yoga and Psychology to explore the value of compassion; how we show compassion to others, how we experience self-compassion and how we can support our yoga practice to be compassionate in the moment on the mat.

We will open the evening with a warming, heart opening candlelit yoga flow (suitable for all levels) led by Liz Joy Oakley. Psychologist Steph Minchin will then use reflective based exercises to consider the meaning of compassion, the importance of a practice of kindness in our interactions with others, and how we can find ways to promote self-care by turning the compassion inwards. Psychological models, Compassion-Focused therapy & theories will be shared to enhance teaching about compassion. We will also create space for mindfulness-based exercises and learning a variety of Pranayama breathing techniques and meditations. We will also practice setting compassionate intentions, learning how to connect with the principles of compassion learned in the workshop.

Raising money for Young Minds, the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. 


Mind, Body & Goals – Yoga and Vision Board workshop with Alice Carder & Liz Joy Oakley

1-3pm | Saturday 19th May | MoreYoga Bermondsey | £25

Alice Carder is a transformational coach working primarily with female leaders and entrepreneurs. Alice has seen first-hand the important role our vision plays in realising our dreams, and believes in vision boards as a practical tool for supporting ourselves in moving forward.

Liz Joy Oakley is a MoreYoga teacher specialising in Yoga therapy for Stress & Anxiety. Liz will open the workshop with a soothing Yoga flow class focused on the Third Eye Chakra of awareness. The class will give you the time to still the mind, relax the body and lift the spirit.

Alice will then guide you through a powerful exercise, inviting you to get clearer on your priorities, before creating your personal vision board, a piece of take-home inspiration for what you want to create in your life and how you would like to feel.

We are raising for Samaritans Charity – The Samaritans is a nationwide charity available 24 hours a day providing support to anyone in emotional distress, struggling to cope, or at risk of suicide  regardless of age, race, colour, creed or gender​.

FREE Community Class: Flow to Restore with Claire Alexandra

1-2.30pm | Saturday 19th May | MoreYoga Brixton | FREE

Starting the class with a short mindful meditation to help the mind and body connect and allow the thoughts to come and go before floating into a 40min vinyasa flow allowing the endorphins to surface and letting go of any built up physical and mental frustrations. Ending the class with 30min of restoring the mind and body through breath and awareness.  Releasing deep tissues and mental strain. And then surrendering to savasana.

Raising money for the MIND
This class is FREE but you still need to book to reserve your space.

FREE COMMUNITY CLASS: Yoga for Stress & Anxiety
followed by an optional open discussion about Mental Health

2.00 – 3.30pm | Sunday 20th May | MoreYoga Stoke Newington | FREE

An energetic and creative flow with a focus on heart openers to help lift your spirit, connect your emotions and feed your mind, body and soul. The class will be followed by an open discussion from Tommy, who will talk about his battles with mental health and give people an opportunity to talk about their own struggles in a judgement-free and safe environment.

Raising money for Mental Health Foundation

This class is FREE but you still need to book to reserve your space.


FREE COMMUNITY CLASS: Be Gentle With Yourself
Using the chakras as a map for personal wellbeing with Rebecca Ok

3.00 – 4.00pm | Sunday 20th May | MoreYoga Harringay | FREE

We ALL need to feel safe, experience joy, love and be loved, speak our truth and be heard and have dreams and aspirations.  All of us are figuring out the art to living for ourselves and sometimes we can feel lost and in need of a map. The chakra system is that map. Using this map we can gain insight into our personal wellbeing and what has shaped us to be who we are today so we can take charge of who we are becoming tomorrow. In this session we will use movement and sound to awaken the glands associated with the chakras.

Raising money for MIND
This class is FREE but you still need to book to reserve your space.


MoreMusic presents The Sacred Sound Symphony:
Yin Yoga and Sound Healing Therapy to Quiet the Mind

3-5pm | Sunday 20th May | MoreYoga Clapham Junction | £10

Come and join Mel Lowe and Christine Pleser on a journey through sound and experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation in this Yin Yoga and Sound Healing Therapy Workshop. People suffering with mental health issues often alienate themselves to the point where they become prisoners of their own minds. Through the healing effect of yoga, sound therapy and meditation we can help them break free from the shackles of their own minds.

This 2-hour workshop will begin with a traditional opening circle ceremony featuring healing chants and hand drumming to set intentions for the session. Mel will then lead a restorative Yin Yoga practice where poses will be held for longer periods of time to work into the connective tissue and facia to balance, restore and release mental and physical tension. This will be accompanied by the soothing sounds and vibrations of Christine’s orchestra of crystal singing bowls facilitating deeper work into the layers of the body, mind and emotions. You will then be treated to a meditative sound bath which will transport you to a land of bliss and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the entire mind, body and soul. Simply lie back on the mat, close your eyes and let the healing sounds wash over you. It’s time to tune in and tune out.

15% of proceeds from this workshop will be donated to Key Changes, a music engagement and recovery service for people experiencing mental health problems,