Named by The Grateful Dead guitarist, Bob Weir, this style of yoga brings you powerful sequences designed to leave you feeling stronger, lighter and more flexible.

Have you ever been to one of our Rocket classes? They are one of our most popular classes and our featured style on MoreYoga Wellness TV in April. Perfect for those looking to explore some new yoga terrain and blast away the winter blues! 

Let us tell you some background info.

An extraordinary human, Larry Schultz, created Rocket Yoga combining the first, second and third series of Ashtanga Yoga. He made a sequence that encouraged a smooth, unbroken rhythm of breath and movement. It’s not exactly clear when he created the Rocket, but it is rumoured that he started using it in the late 80s/early 90s. 

And just like that, one of the first Power Yoga styles was born! 

Why ‘Rocket’?

The name ‘Rocket’ comes from one of the guitar players from The Grateful Dead, Bob Wier. Larry was touring with the band and teaching them this yoga sequence. 

After one class, Bob said to Larry… “What is the name of this sequence? It’s great!”

Larry said he did not have a name for it.

Wier then said he should call it “The Rocket!”

Larry asked why and Wier said, “because it gets you there faster!” And that was it. 

Takes you faster where? You might ask. It takes you faster to the path of self-realisation. 

Is it only for advanced practitioners?
We’re not going to lie; Rocket is a powerful practice that is a challenge for even the most advanced yogis.

But one thing is for sure, Rocket is a welcoming style. Larry wanted Rocket to be a style where everyone got to practice with freedom. It is this liberating approach that makes this practice fun and enjoyable for everyone. 

Maybe some of the transitions and poses aren’t available for you on your first go, but the sequence is designed to leave you feeling stronger, lighter and more flexible. 

What are classes like?
In its origin, Rocket was a set sequence that had three series.

The problem is that it can take 90+ minutes to complete each of these sequences. The class length is usually 60-75 minutes long, so teachers normally will get creative and modify the sequences, so you get to experience different transitions and poses.  

In essence, this is a little sum-up of the Rocket Sequences: 

Rocket 1: Inspired by the primary series of Ashtanga yoga, this sequence is focused on the legs. Expect tons of forward folds. 

Rocket 2: Based on the Intermediate Series from Ashtanga, this sequence focuses a little more on backbends, core and strengthening the arms. Expect arm balances, a lot of core work, and backbends.

Rocket 3: or ‘Happy Hour Rocket’, the sequence blends Rocket 1 and 2 to raise endurance levels even further. There are many more poses on Rocket 3, but its beauty is that you pick and choose options accessible to your practice. 

When can you practice Rocket with us? 

See our online timetable for classes here, and stay tuned for studio timetables.

Try our featured Rocket class with Charles Balogh

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