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We are a very small team, and work hard to be available for our clients. To help ease the pressure, please find many answers to common questions in our Frequently Asked Questions below.

If you cannot find the answer, or have a more specific enquiry relating to your account please contact us via facebook messenger as this is the quickest method. 

If you prefer, you can also call us on 0808 196 0345 for free.



If you have an enquiry, please contact us on Facebook Messenger. We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible. You don't need a Facebook account, Messenger is a standalone app. 

Make sure you include in your message the email that is connected to your MoreYoga account to help us locate your details more easily.


Getting Started

I'm thinking of becoming a member but would like to try some classes first. Can I purchase single sessions?

You can, but we’d recommend buying the Introductory Offer instead. We charge £9.99 for single sessions, the Intro Offer costs just £10 and you get 3 classes for it.

Best offer in London 🙂


I never done yoga before. Does that matter?

We love beginners! We are honoured to get you started and hope you enjoy your yoga experience. We have a number of MoreFoundations classes which will help you get familiar with asana and the yoga experience.

What levels are the classes catered for?

On the timetables for each page and on the class descriptions are the levels for the sessions types. If you’re ever in a class that you feel its too difficult just take it back a little, never do anything that you feel that you’re not in control of. Please contact your instructor before the class to let them know if you’re not feeling confident.

What facilities do you have in the studios?

We have changing rooms and bathrooms but no showers with the exception of Finsbury Park, Soho (Marshall Street), Latimer Road and Victoria. We don’t plan to install showers in any of our existing or new studios. This is again to keep costs down and your membership prices low.

***COVID UPDATE: We discourage the use of our facilities to reduce the contact with touch points. Soho & Victoria are currently closed.***

What classes would you recommend for beginners?

We usually recommend starting with the morning or later evening classes (usual start time 7pm) as they are gentler and slower than the first classes in the evening.

Morning Flow, Slow Flow, Yin, Yin and Meditation, Hatha and Restorative classes are all great for beginners.

Most of our classes are for all levels, so feel free to challenge yourself if you feel like it. The teachers always ask who is new to yoga — please let them know.

Are your classes suitable if you’re pregnant?

As we don’t offer classes that are specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant students, we advise that you contact us before booking a class or find a specialist pre-natal class. Please note MoreYoga does not allow practice in your first trimester. Please come back to us after your first scan.

How do I register? Can I sign up at the studio?

We’re afraid not. The studios have no reception, everything is done online. No printing involved which helps us being green too. If you’re on the website head to the prices page and purchase one of our offers to register for classes. Once you’ve completed your payment you can navigate to the timetables and book your classes. You can also download the MoreYoga app or register through the MindBody website or on the MindBody app. It doesn’t take long.

How do I check when the classes are?

You can either go to TIMETABLES or select the studio you are interested in, scroll down and find the calendar with times and class descriptions. All in one place. 🙂

What memberships do you offer?

We have a range of pricing options suited to different budgets and how often you like to do yoga. Visit our PRICES page to see which suits you. All information regarding cancellations, suspensions and switching memberships can be found HERE.

***COVID UPDATE: Our pricing is slightly changed at the moment due to Covid and the impact of social distancing on class sizes and timetables – but we are still the most affordable yoga studios in London.***

Do you offer student/concessions discounts?

We do, an amazing 30% discount on all PAYU Class Packs, for further information please visit our PRICES page.

What is a "rolling" contract?

A “rolling” contract is simply a rolling payment made to us until such time as you cancel it. Once you are outside of your minimum contract period (please check your T&Cs), you will automatically switch to a rolling contract which can then be cancelled at any stage with 7 days notice.

Do you offer 1-2-1 yoga?

We do. Prices differ teacher to teacher. For further details please speak to your favorite instructor. 

What should I bring?

We provide the mats, blocks, straps and bolsters, so all you need to bring is your sweet self and your yoga kit. Tight fitting but breathable fabrics that you can move around in are perfect.

***COVID UPDATE: Please bring your own mat if you can. If you can’t, please try to bring a towel to put on top of the mat. Teachers will be conducting classes without props. Please do wear a mask on the premises when not practicing and use the hand sanitiser when you enter. Thank you***

Your website isn't working, how can I manage my account?

From time to time the technology gremlins strike and either our website or the MindBody booking system may be down. To avoid these issues, it is a good idea to download our FREE app on AppStore or GooglePlay

Alternatively you can log in via our MindBody business site with your regular credentials HERE

Do I need to bring my own mat?

Usually not, in normal times we would provide mats and all the accessories you may need i.e. straps, blocks, bolsters. We don’t have showers though, so you might want to bring a small towel.

***COVID UPDATE: Please bring your own mat or mat towel to use on top of our mats. If you are unable mats are still provided – please make sure you disinfect them before and after use. Use of MoreYoga studio props is currently not allowed***

Can I pay by cash?

Unfortunately not. Everything is done online, payment has to be made by card.

Do you do hot yoga?

We do! We have hot yoga at our Soho and Victoria studios, using infrared heat technology which has proven health benefits.

We don’t have hot yoga in any of our other studios.

***COVID UPDATE: Both Soho and Victoria Studios are currently closed. Please check back on the studio pages where we’ll note the opening date when known.***

I want to cancel or suspend my membership, what do I do?

Please visit the Cancellations & Suspensions page to make sure you are outside of your minimum contract period. All terms and conditions are included in your payment confirmation emails when you sign up so please read them carefully.

Booking & Account Issues

How do I cancel my class?

You can easily cancel your session using the MoreYoga or MindBody apps (we recommend using our app) or by logging on via our website. Once logged in click ‘My Account’, then click “My Schedule’ and cancel the sessions there. We have a 3 hour cancellation window so please cancel before then otherwise you will lose your session and will be charged £6. We are sending you an email to confirm either an early or a late cancellation to confirm.

I can't log into my account - an error message comes up

The two most common reasons for log in issues is a security setting in your browser or your profile not being verified (apart from if you forgot your password, which you can reset easily both on the MY app and on our website). If you are logging on via the website, it is always good to try different browsers should you get an error. If you receive a ‘change you wanted was rejected’ error, please see this article to resolve:   

For the account verification, please follow the steps here (don’t worry, it’s quick!): My passes are missing. How do I link my accounts? (Please ignore the title.)

How do the waiting lists work?

Waiting lists lock 3 hours before the class starts, before which you will be automatically moved into the class and notified via email (please opt in to receive notifications). Three hours or less before the class you can only be added manually, should there be a late cancellation. If you are keen to attend, we recommend you get in touch with the Customer Service team 2 hours before class start time to see if they can manually move you in. Please find the team’s contact details above. If you need help out of our phone opening hours, please choose option 1 to talk to the duty manager (this is only for urgent issues, such as last minute booking).

Important note: Waitlist notifications are only sent via email. Please make sure you are opted in for email notifications.


We are interested in what you have to say! We welcome the opportunity to improve our service and ensure we are bringing you the best yoga classes in London. Message us on messenger or email