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Masks for Extraordinary People

Masks for Extraordinary People is a collective of volunteers in South East London and beyond making fabulous funky free face masks for dedicated key workers whose jobs have become extraordinarily challenging.

Masks For Extraordinary People started with enough unique printed Atom Designs fabric swatches in a huge range of different styles to make the first 1500 masks before needing to find different outer fabrics. Where ever possible, we’re seeking bright funky printed fabrics so as well as being a necessary safety precaution they add a bit of style, are less intimidating, fun even, and can help normalise the need to wear a protective face covering in public as well as lifting the spirits of those they meet. 

Whatever people think, wearing masks is a simple logical progression to protecting ourselves from each other if we are going to resume any semblance of a normal life.It is irresponsible to assume that you are not infectious…

Washable cloth face masks should really be considered filter holders, a stylish reusable washable device for holding some filter material against your face. As to what that filter should be, while we all awaiting any guidance, but currently using two or four layers of kitchen roll.

Wash your mask before use, and give it a good steam-iron.
The sooner we wear them the sooner we’ll be able to not wear them.

Stay safe, wash your hands, wash your mask, change the filter

How can you help?

Masks for Extraordinary People needs sewers and cutters to keep up with demand. If you can volunteer to help with this initiative and help save lives, please get in touch with them directly via this link:

How is MoreYoga helping?

MoreYoga are working with Masks for Extraordinary People to raise awareness, help get volunteers and making our studios available as drop-off locations for fabric donations and finished masks as well as a pick-up point for pre-cut fabric kits ready to sew. With the establishment of further masking hubs in other parts of London MoreYoga can offer invaluable support. Help us, help keyworkers! If you can volunteer, please do!

About Masks for Extraordinary People

Corinne McManus has been running her textile design company, Atom Designs, for over 30 years providing original prints to fashion and sports brands around the world. When the lockdown occurred, her company, reliant on international travel, was one of the first to feel clients closing their doors to all visitors. Like many, she started with a top down clean of her studio and came across a large bag of old surplus unique fabric samples she realised could be transformed into colourful patterned uplifting face masks to give to dedicated key workers whose jobs have become unbelievably extraordinarily challenging and that they haven’t been trained or equipped for. Bus drivers, supermarket workers, carers, postmen, teachers and many others who have to face the public without being provided any training or protection. So far 28 bus workers have tragically died. They didn’t sign up for this.

From one sewing machine, 20 masks and her life partner Ben Roberts, to 50 sewing, 1000+ being made and 300 delivered in the first week, demand for masks has been overwhelming. Several hours after the first 20 masks were taken (Wed 8 April) by a friend who’s a driver, into New Cross Bus Garage a request was made for 700 masks, and that was just one garage… 

Now a few weeks old and over hundreds of masks delivered, Masks For Extraordinary People is a collective of over 90 volunteers and still growing fast. But the severity of the situation we are in means we need to make many more face masks if we are to make a dent in the demand. 

“This is our dear friend Trevor who took the first 20 masks to work with him.”