“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”– H.E. Luccock.

It’s hard to see why Yoga, which is practised individually, is all about connection & community. And it’s perhaps because making Yoga all about community is up to us. We can generally get caught up in a competition mindset.

Comparing ourselves to the yogi who effortlessly flows between poses is pointless and a big miss. Instead, shifting your perspective, and acknowledging that everyone in the class is part of the same journey, even if we’re all in different stages, will only enrich your experience.

Having a community in any aspect of your life will change how you approach the activity and determine your likelihood of being consistent with it. Spending time with like-minded people and sharing the space & the energy will bring benefits to your life that go beyond the physical practice.

Today, we’ll take you through 3 focusing on community & connections can change your yoga practice:

  • It’s not you vs other students; it’s you with the other students.

Yoga is not only a class you take on Tuesday mornings or about getting to bind in extended side angle, but it’s also a journey to self-discovery, and it’s better if you have the company of others to keep moving forward.

Instead of comparing your journey to someone else’s, feel supported knowing you’re part of a group. No one gets a prize for performance at the end of a yoga class. Everyone is going through the same journey but with different challenges.

  • Everyone struggles.

We’ve all been in a challenging class; a boat pose for 5 breaths too many or a sequence that includes double chaturangas. Then, suddenly, you gaze at the person next to you, and it looks like they are not struggling at all!

It’s easy to get discouraged.

Maybe they are good at masking the struggle. Perhaps they’ve taken that class 100 times.

But shifting that negative thinking into positive can change your experience. Because EVERYONE struggles. Some people struggle to balance on their hands, other struggles with flexibility and others struggle with being still.

Remember, you are all navigating challenges. Just because they aren’t the same or not visible doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

  • Inspiring Longevity of Your Practice.

They say comparison is the thief of joy. Negativity only attracts more negativity. If you show up to Yoga and spend the whole class comparing yourself to others, you will stop coming.

But if you focus on building connections and seeing your yoga practice as a place where you feel safe, and you can share the energy with a group, it’ll turn into a lifelong practice.

Practising sun salutes by yourself it’s ok, but feeling the energy of twenty people breathing and moving together… is magical.

Community and connection make your yoga practice even more special. Never feel you are alone in Yoga. You are an essential piece of our yoga community. Without you, the practice would be a lot more challenging. So, thank you for being part of MoreYoga.