Yoga for Strength – Powered by Broga – NOW AT MOREYOGA

Broga® is a fitness workout and traditional yoga combined. This class will focus on full body, upper body or lower body to not only increase flexibility but also strengthen muscles in the right alignment. If you are looking for a no-nonsense results based class this is for you. Beginners and advanced participants are welcome.

Ben Harrison
With his background as a marathon runner and fighter, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Olympic freestyle wrestling, Ben brings a uniquely disciplined and anatomical approach to his classes. His love of gymnastics helps Ben teach his students a detailed, alignment focused class. There may not be any chanting or much spirituality in Ben’s class, but you can be sure to develop core strength and bodily understanding. Ben teaches Broga®, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin and Calisthenics.

Dylan Salaman
Dyl is an ex rugby player and current CrossFit and yoga competitor, winning the title for Hungary at the Yoga World Championships in 2019. A lifetime of hurting his body with contact  sports means that Dyl has had to work hard for every bit of pose and flow knowledge, which means he brings an understanding that is perfect for people who want to learn about yoga but think they will struggle.  Dylan teaches Broga®, Vinyasa and Bikram. With a huge love of fitness, classes will be active and you know you’ll be working hard. 

Max Munroe
Coming from a yoga family max was doing yoga before he could walk and qualified as a teacher not long after that.  At a very young age it was clear he would be a yoga superstar.  But in the folly of youth, Max was involved in a fall in 2018 from a building on his head. It left him paralysed and told he would never walk perfectly again – much less practice yoga. He proved every doctor wrong.  Now  Max’s teaches with a humble and sincere authenticity and appreciation to help others and it really shows in his classes. Plus this cheeky chap is incredible at breaking down egos and making things fun. Max is licensed to teach most every style of yoga you can think of, including Broga®.

Matt Miller
Starting his athletic career as an American football star for USC, then moving on become a NABA professional super heavyweight bodybuilding champion in the US and UK, Matt suffered a double hip replacement from years of aggressive physical wear.  When he was asked to be the first male ambassador for lululemon in Europe while filing the Fat Fighters on Channel 4, he was very surprised. Matt instantly discovered the incredible value of yoga in sport and set out to become a licensed teacher in Rishikesh. Matt then created Broga® fitness yoga , a brand of yoga that would inspire a new generation of men and athletically minded women to the mat.  Matt is passionate about making the world of yoga accessible to people who thought they could not do yoga and helping people repair their own bodies.

Myths about Broga & Yoga

Broga® is yoga just for men.
NO WAY! Broga® is yoga + fitness for everyone who wants no nonsense flexibility and increased strength and better alignment. It has the male sensibility of a workout with repeated sets and reps that builds in difficulty as you progress.

Broga® is too hard.
NO WAY! Broga® doesn’t assume you are a Bendy-Wendy type or even that you can touch your toes. From the very first class it is accessible and scalable without ever making new participants feel like they too weak or to inflexible. But you WILL work to YOUR hardest maximum.

Yoga is not a workout and I don’t have time for it.
Since the Broga® workouts are systematically organised by body part, you will always know what you are getting into and can strategically plan the rest of of your fitness for the week. And you will definitely be able to count it as a workout+cardio session+fat burning session for sure.

I don’t understand or like that yoga mumbo jumbo talk.
The language of Broga® is always anatomical and logically based even though the movements are solidly grounded in 3000 ears of yoga practice. We promise you will never be asked to “breathe through your kidneys”, “open your heart” “look through your third eye” or “lift your pelvic floor”!

So what is with the “bro” part then? Sounds like a gimmick.
No we mean it. We aim to build community and “bro”therly connection. Every Broga® class ends in participants interacting and helping each other. We do more with help than what we could ever do on our own. We find this signature element an amazing way to be social-building and community-minded rather than self-introspective.