We’re getting some peace and calm in our May Featured Style: YIN YOGA. Let’s dive into it the Benefits of Yin Yoga & find out what classes are like! 

What is Yin Yoga? 

We can differentiate Yin and Yang yoga depending on which tissues of the body they target.  In Yang Yoga (any Vinyasa, Power, Rocket class), we exercise muscles and move blood through the body. However,  in Yin Yoga, we work on connective tissue or fascia. The fascia it’s a ‘mesh’ that wraps around our bones, muscles and organs. A continuous tissue that binds us together. Without the fascia, you could collapse on the floor. So, you can imagine how vital Yin Yoga is in our wellness practice.

Similarly to what we do in Yang Yoga with muscles, in Yin Yoga, we stress the connective tissue. When we stress the connective tissue and then release it, we promote blood flow through the stressed tissues. As a result, we remove blockages and healing the tissue.  

What are the benefits of Yin Yoga ? 

  • Tissue Regeneration: Because your whole body is connected through the fascia, minor damage on any body part can lead to an imbalance anywhere else. By compressing, stretching and twisting the tissue, we allow it to stay supple, moist and young.
  • Increasing Flexibility and Joint Range of Movement: Our sedentary lifestyle and strength-based exercises routines encourage our tissues to bind together. Holding Yin poses for a few minutes eases our tissues, lengthening and allowing a wider range of movement.
  • Deep Relaxation: Yin Yoga puts us on passive stretches for an extended period, allowing yourself the space to slow down and be present. We allow ourselves to surrender to our practice fully.

So, you’ve hard about the benefits. But, what are Yin classes like? 

You can expect long passive holds of yoga poses (3-11 minutes). Some teachers will offer a rebound after each long hold. This pause’s an opportunity for the body to disperse that pressure away from the target area. You might be able to feel that initial ‘fragility’ fading away. 

No vinyasas. No flows. No sweat. That’s why for some, this might sound delightful, but in reality, Yin Yoga is challenging differently than Yang.

As our teacher, Charlotte Wellfare, says: ‘Yin Yoga is like Yang Yoga for the mind.’

As a deeply reflective practice, Yin Yoga allows you the time to dive into your inner workings. The teacher will encourage you to stay in the present moment and observe any thought or emotions that come up for you. It’s not easy to be in silence with yourself. Some will argue that handstands are more effortless. 

When can you practice Yin with us? 

Mondays: 19:45-20:45 MoreMind Yin Yoga for Stress with Liz Joy-Oakley via MoreYoga Wellness TV
Wednesdays: 05:00 PM – 06:00 PM More Candlelit Yin & Meditation with Erika Shapiro via Zoom
Thursdays: 07:15 PM – 08:15 PM More Yin and Meditation with Jamie Rylett via Zoom 

Enjoy the endless benefits of Yin Yoga with us. 

About Anna De Sousa

Anna is a London-based yoga teacher & Content Creator. After teaching yoga full-time for a couple of years, she joined the Digital Marketing team at MoreYoga to spread the word about wellness even further. Anna is fun and energetic, and she brings her warm personality to everything she does.