We are starting to reopen our studios. Everything you need to know to practice with MoreYoga

We are MoreYoga.

We believe in a better world.
We believe yoga and mindfulness transform lives
and we want to share this journey with you.
We offer a unique range of classes
across our London studios where all are welcome.
Our aim is to make yoga affordable and accessible.

Join our tribe. Be playful. Be mindful. Just be. #DoMoreYoga

We believe in MoreCommunity.

We believe in MoreCommunity. We want to create a MoreYoga family.
We want to build a community on and offline that reinforces a sense of connection.
As we grow, we want to grow with depth.
To connect at a grassroots level with the local communities
and to build our relationships with our clients by delivering meaningful activities and content.

We believe in being eco-friendly.

We are looking at ways we can be more environmentally friendly.
We are committed to this as an ongoing process.
If you have suggestions – please email us! daniel@moreyoga.co.uk

We believe yoga is mental hygiene.

We want Mental Health to be at the centre of our services.
We want to tackle the taboo and get people to open up and use yoga as a pathway for healing (and ongoing maintenance!)

We believe in doing good.

We want to work across the three pillars of our business to do good.

We want to deliver a diverse timetable at an affordable price at convenient locations across London.
As a young company we are constantly seeking to improve our service
and tweak it according to the twists and turns each day brings.

We want to support them on their journey and create opportunities to develop.

We will mobilise our Karma Army to be a force of positivity and productiveness. We will champion their work by spreading the word and working with them on specific events and projects to raise awareness and/or funds.

We believe in supporting others who are doing good.

Through our “MoreYoga Loves” programme we want to champion independent businesses and organisations local to studios – and more broadly businesses that are putting environmental and social responsibility at the heart of their business.
If you know a business that should be listed, including your own, email bec@moreyoga.co.uk

We believe in creating opportunity.

We are open to ideas and to working with like-minded businesses and individuals
to bring exciting projects to life that either benefit our clients and/or society as a whole.

We have developed a Graduate Programme to give recently qualified teachers
an opportunity to develop and become great teachers.

We are evolving.