What a wild year we’ve had. 

In life and yoga, we’re always looking for a good balance. Yin, Yang. Rest, Activity. Work, Family. Change, Consistency. We’d typically flow between these dichotomies and achieve an overall sense of balance. Typically. But the last year was anything but typical. 

Losing the sense of stability, being asked to confront change and uncertainty, being thrown from isolation into socialisation disrupts our wellbeing, triggers self-doubt and threat response and forces us to live in constant fear of the unknown. 

If we think about it from a Chakra Theory point of view, fear relates to an unbalanced Root Chakra or Muladhara Chakra. This Chakra is all about our basic needs, including security. Anxiety, distrust and hyper-vigilance can disrupt our ability to cope with changes and trigger a disconnection with our bodies. 

​In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the results of an unbalanced kidney & urinary bladder meridian is fear. In acupuncture, the Kidney Meridian is the meridian system that leads all the others. It originates at the base of the foot. When we harmonise the kidney and urinary bladder meridians, we bring that grounding quality and a sense of trust in the world back to your life. 

These two meridians travel through the back of the body, and with the following Yin sequence, you will trigger calm and Root Chakra grounding energy to your body to help you cope with all the life changes.

Make sure to grab as many props as you want. A couple of blocks, a blanket, a bolster or a pillow will enhance the practice. Grab some cosy and warm clothes. 

After holding each pose, take a two-minute rebound lying on your back on your belly to allow your body to balance itself. 


Seated Supported Butterfly 5 min


Seat on a mat; feel free to prop under your sitting bones with a blanket. Place the soles of the feet together. Maybe slide two blocks under your knees. Fold forward, and if you need, use a bolter for extra support. 


Toe Stretch 2-3 min


Come to your hands and knees and tuck your toes under. Slowly seat your bum back to your heels. If this is enough, stay here for the whole time. If it’s not enough, bring the hands to your knees and keep the spine straight. 


Dragonfly 5 min 


Come to seated and open your legs wide; feel free to sit on a blanket or block. Fold forward: feel free to use a bolster to support your upper body.


Caterpillar 5 min

Bring your legs to a comfortable with, maybe together or maybe hip-width distance. Fold forward supporting yourself with a bolster if you need it. 


Weighted Savanasana 10 min


Come to lie on your back. Place a bolster or a pillow on top of your body. 



About Anna De Sousa

Anna is a London-based yoga teacher & Content Creator. After teaching yoga full-time for a couple of years, she joined the Digital Marketing team at MoreYoga to spread the word about wellness even further. Anna is fun and energetic, and she brings her warm personality to everything she does.