While getting a sweat on first thing might sound like the beginning of a horror story, there is more and more evidence to show that exercise in the morning is extremely beneficial.

You get fitter

Obvious, right? But just in case you didn’t know, having a daily exercise routine will reduce your risk of countless health conditions, including heart disease, respiratory difficulties and general aches and pains.

You become happier

Exercising in the morning is a challenge, and it’s this aspect that benefits us the most. Your brain releases hormones during exercise that repair memory cells and make you feel good – setting you up for a clear head and more positive decisions around food and lifestyle choices.

You have more energy

Although this might sound counter-intuitive, exercising in the morning actually prompts your body to feel more energised. Your body will set the energy level at whatever you first start with, so get your butt out of bed and salute the sun!

Whether you start off with a simple plank or you’re doing HIIT at 5am, make sure you work some movement into your mornings!